Dak Smyth
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown

Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Blond
Appears In A Mutiny in Time

Divide and Conquer The Trap Door Curse of the Ancients Cave of Wonders Behind Enemy Lines The Iron Empire Eternity

Affiliation Hystorian
Dak Smyth is one of the main characters in the Infinity Ring series. He travels through time with his best friend, Sera, and a Hystorian to help out with languages, Riq. He is a history genius and the trio's main source of information during the series, aside from the Hystorians. Dak also has a fondness for cheese of all types.

In the books

A Mutiny in Time

In A Mutiny in Time, Dak's parents were left behind in time during a trial run with the Infinity Ring. Since then, Dak has been on the lookout for his parents, who tend to be in any time period with a break.

Divide and Conquer

In Divide and Conquer, the Vikings attack Paris, and Dak is captured.

Dak sees his parents and they are able to give him an iron key.

The Trap Door

In The Trap Door, Dak uses the key that his parents gave him in Divide and Conquer to free him, Sera, Riq, and the other Hystorians imprisoned with them. 

Curse of the Ancients

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Cave of Wonders

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Behind Enemy Lines

In Behind Enemy Lines, Dak experiences his first two Remnants. By the second one, he is able to grasp the meaning of them - that the Cataclysm is not only occurring sooner, instead of being prevented, but that it is also somehow partly his fault.

The Iron Empire

In The Iron Empire, Dak reunites with his parents.


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  • Throughout the whole series, Dak provided the team with occasionally useful facts related to the time period, along with not-so-useful ideas related to whatever the current situation was.