Episode 3: The Way of the Warrior is the third episode. It is paired with The Trap Door.

The Way of the Warrior
Episode 3
Vital statistics
Name The Way of the Warrior
Paired with The Trap Door

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Revenge of the Redcoats Sleeping Dragon


Help Dak, Sera, and Riq escape SQ ninja assassins! When the kids travel to feudal Japan to help protect future shogun Tokugawa Leyasu, they put their own lives in danger. The adventure unfolds in the Infinity Ring Game.

In Episode 3, learn to be a true samurai, and help Tokugawa Leyasu get to safety so he can fulfill his destiny as the unifier of Japan!

Use all the tips, hints, and clues on your Hystorian’s Guide to outsmart the ninja assassins that are hot on your trail.

Fix the past. Save the future.


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