Hidden Treasures
Episode 6
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Name Hidden Treasures
Paired with Behind Enemy Lines

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The Lost Expedition Code Red
Episode 6: Hidden Treasure is the sixth episode. It is paired with Behind Enemy Lines.


Find the Hidden Treasures!

It's 1790 and revolution is stirring up France. The people of Paris want to create a place of art and culture that is open to ALL — the Louvre Museum. However, Queen Marie Antoinette is working with the SQ and has stolen some of the precious works of art needed to create the museum. She has hidden them around the city.

In Episode 6, you'll need to help Dak, Sera, and Riq infiltrate her clique and find the precious works of art.

You must use all the tips, hints, and clues on your Hystorian's Guide to uncover Marie Antoinette's secrets, and find her hiding places.

Fix the past. Save the future.


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