Hystorian Training
King of Diamonds 3
Episode 8
Vital statistics
Name Hystorian Training
Paired with Eternity

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Code Red N/A
Episode 8: Hystorian Training is the eighth and final official mission. However, many do not consider it a final mission at all since the episode only consists of two mini-games that were present in other missions.


Do you have what it takes to stop the SQ?

Being a Hystorian is hard work, and takes years of training. If you want to test your prowess or hone your skills, this is the place to do it. For Hystorian veterans looking to take your abilities to the next level, or new recruits wanting to see if you can cut it, Hystorian Training will give you a taste of some of the action and adventure time travel has in store.

Use all the tips, hints, and riddles on your Hystorian's Guide to challenge yourself!

Fix the past. Save the future.


  • The first game was originally unlocked when registering the first book.
  • The second mini game was unlocked when the second book was registered.
  • The two games in this mission are the Timebox and Stagecoach.
  • This episode is made of "recycled" material, probably due to lack of budget.