James Dashner is the author of A Mutiny in Time and The Iron Empire. He is also the author of multiple

James Dashner
James Dashner
Vital statistics
Name James Dashner
Authored In Series A Mutiny in Time; The Iron Empire
Also Wrote The 13th Reality Series; The Maze Runner Series; The Jimmy Fincher Saga; The Mortality Doctrine
bestseller books, including The Maze Runner and The 13th Reality.

Born and raised in Georgia, he now lives with his wife and four kids in the Rocky Mountains. In his free time, James loves to read, watch movies and (good) TV shows, and snow ski.

Worlds Collide Video

James appeared in a video at the 2014 Worlds Collide.
A Mutiny in Time


  • James used to be an accountant before being an author. He says that he does not miss it at all.